About and “The Stashery”


Working with national yarn organizations and manufacturers, we provide free knitting classes, yarn, needles, knitting books and patterns to anyone that comes to our classes at The Desert AIDS Project and at the LGBT Center of the Desert to learn how to knit. Profits from our sales will directly help create a healthier community, one knitter at a time.

Generous donations have come in to The Stashery from so many people. Please help us express our gratitude to:

Dragonfly Fibers, Kate Chiocchio, Nancye Bonomo, and Susan Powell

BlueSky Fibers, Sara Cookson

The Knitting Guild of the Desert

Jan Runkel and Linda Springer

Joe Wilcox

Hayes Russock

Tom Belunis

Greg Sabetta

Sheila Cosco

Mary Langston

Ross Sneyd

John Sutton

Colleen’s Crochet & Curiosities, Colleen McAvoy

Barbara Smith

Karen Murray

Barbara Brown

Ann Oswald

Thomas Foley

Lisa Diller

George Brock

Anita Holden

Tory Luick

Pins and Needles, Kathleen Gittleman

Tracy Ellis

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Our doors are always open and ready to welcome and inspire you. Whether you're working on a small accessory or an epic project, we look forward to seeing you in one of our classes or events. Thank you for finding us and please feel free to send us an email with your latest WIP. We would love to share it on our social media!

We’re delighted to have you as part of The Perfect Purl community.